WePlan Forests

A user-friendly, decision support platform for forest ecosystem restoration planning
Brazil - cost-effective (target 5 - 50%) - 1038.15 Gt of Carbon sequestred

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Explore the planning solutions by country using a spatially explicit, multi-objective optimisation framework.

You will be able to evaluate a wide range of scenarios and targets, which will provide estimates of the climate mitigation and biodiversity benefits that may arise from various levels of forest restoration.


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Since 2019 the Institute for Capacity Exchange in Environmental Decisions (formerly International Institute for Sustainability Australia) and the International Institute for Sustainability Rio have partnered with the UN Convention on Biological Diversity to streamline spatial optimisation planning for forest ecosystem restoration. The development of this project is generously supported by the European Union and by the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative, which is supported by the Korea Forest Service of the Republic of Korea.